Daniel RiedelCEO
Daniel Riedel serves as Chief Executive Officer and Board Director of New Context, a Lean Security Firm. With over 20 years of experience in technology and operational infrastructure, Riedel is an entrepreneur with experience building secure, scalable technologies and businesses. He has broad experience in engineering, security, operations, analytics and product development.
Andrew StormsVP of Product
Andrew Storms serves as the Vice President of Product at New Context. He has been leading IT, Security and Compliance teams for the past 2 decades at companies like CloudPassage, nCircle and Tripwire. Storms’ advocacy on IT security issues has appeared in CNBC, Forbes and The New York Times. He is a CISSP, a member of Infragard and a graduate of the FBI Citizens’ Academy.
Gary Bohe-ThackwellCFO
Gary Bohe-Thackwell serves as CFO at New Context. He is an MIT-trained financial leader with over 20 years of experience shaping business strategy and operational plans at VMware, Taleo, Hyperion Solutions, Lockheed Martin and other successful organizations.
Marie ChestnutEVP of Field Operations
Marie serves as EVP of Field Operations for New Context. She has been with New Context since its inception. She brings a rare set of skills and experience from her past leadership roles in foreign affairs, project management and intrapreneurship with organizations such as Departments of State and Defense, SAIC, and Harvard University’s Innovation Lab (iLab).
Nathan ShimekVP of Client Solutions
Nathan serves as VP of Client Solutions for New Context. He has over 13 years of experience leading high performing operations and development organizations for companies like LifeLock and Saba Software.
Justin DosseyChief Solutions Architect
As Chief Solutions Architect at New Context, Justin applies his two decades of software engineering and system administration experience to set standards for the real-world practice of Lean Security. With experience being responsible for applications in large companies such as Wells Fargo, as well as small ones like Podomatic, Justin has an intuitive grasp of the challenges faced in growing and transforming organizations, both technologically and otherwise.

Board of Directors

Barak BerkowitzBoard Director
Barak is the Director of Operation and Strategy and the MIT Media Lab as well as the founder of MarketCentrix, a consumer strategy consultancy for tech companies. He consults to start-ups, VCs and Large companies. Including, Digital Garage, Apple, Sony, Fujifilm, Polycom and many others. He also serves as an investor and advisor to many start-ups including Little Bits, Neo, New Context, Improbable and Quixey
Kaoru HayashiBoard Director
Kaoru Hayashi serves as Chairman of the Board of New Context and is the co-founder of Digital Garage Inc., an Internet company started in 1995 in Japan focused on the support and incubation of web-based business. Hayashi has served as the Group CEO of Digital Garage since 2004 and he is also the Chairman of the Board at DG Incubation, Inc., Veritrans and
Joi OkadaBoard Director
Joi Okada, Board Director of New Context, has been Head of Global Business Promotion Office – Group Chief Executive Officer Division at Digital Garage, Inc. since September 2013. Okada has been President of Digital Garage U.S., Inc. since July 2013 and served as Deputy Head, Group Chief Executive Officer Office at Digital Garage, Inc. since joining in October 2012 until 2013. From 2003 to 2012, Okada worked as a broker for different companies within GFI Group Inc., a company that provides brokerage and execution services for institutional wholesale customers.
Joichi ItoBoard Advisor
Joichi Ito serves as Board Advisor to New Context and Co-founder and Board Director of Digital Garage, Inc. Ito is a leading thinker, innovator and entrepreneur on Internet business and technology. Ito, together with Kaoru Hayashi, established Digital Garage in 1995. He is the current Director of MIT Media Lab and serves on the Board of the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, and Science. He is a Board Member of Sony Corporation, The New York Times Company, The MacArthur Foundation, The Knight Foundation and Creative Commons. Ito is a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley and he was an early-stage investor in Twitter, Six Apart, Flickr, Path and more than 40 promising IT companies.