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Our mission is to use Lean Security to automate the orchestration, governance and protection of critical infrastructure.


Keeping the connected world safe.


Daniel Riedel
Daniel RiedelCEO
Daniel Riedel serves as Chief Executive Officer and Board Director of New Context, a Lean Security Firm. With over 20 years of experience in technology and operational infrastructure, Riedel is an entrepreneur with experience building secure, scalable technologies and businesses. He has broad experience in engineering, security, operations, analytics and product development.
Lisa Garland
Lisa GarlandCFO
Over 18 years experience supporting high growth companies and over 10 years in private equity and investment banking. Previously with Morgan Stanley, Wal Mart, HIG Capital, and consulted to Levi Strauss, Intrans.
Herb Kelsey
Herb KelseyCTO
Herb Kelsey is the Chief Technology Officer at New Context. He is a C-Suite technologist with 20+ years of experience and is an architect of global scale IT systems for commercial customers and governments at all classification levels. Herb previously held a Chief Architect position within a US federal agency and was the CTO of Cybersecurity at IBM.
Andrew Storms
Andrew StormsVP of Product
Andrew Storms serves as the Vice President of Product at New Context. He has been leading IT, Security and Compliance teams for the past 2 decades at companies like CloudPassage, nCircle and Tripwire. Storms’ advocacy on IT security issues has appeared in CNBC, Forbes and The New York Times. He is a CISSP, a member of Infragard and a graduate of the FBI Citizens’ Academy.
Yvette Turner
Yvette TurnerVP Sales and Professional Services
As Vice President of Sales and Professional Services, Yvette brings over 20 years of strategic leadership experience using information technology to improve business operations. She previously served as an executive at CGI Technologies and Solutions.
Azadeh Ghiasvand
Azadeh GhiasvandVP of Engineering
Over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, program management, quality assurance, engineering operation and professional services with IBM and MobileIron.
Nathan Shimek
Nathan ShimekVP of Client Solutions
Nathan serves as VP of Client Solutions for New Context. He has over 13 years of experience leading high performing operations and development organizations for companies like LifeLock and Saba Software.
Justin Dossey
Justin DosseyChief Solutions Architect
As Chief Solutions Architect at New Context, Justin applies his two decades of software engineering and system administration experience to set standards for the real-world practice of Lean Security. With experience being responsible for applications in large companies such as Wells Fargo, as well as small ones like Podomatic, Justin has an intuitive grasp of the challenges faced in growing and transforming organizations, both technologically and otherwise.