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Keeping the Connected World Safe

The Online World is Changing

Cyber security today is about preventing state-sponsored attacks on critical infrastructure, finding the synthetic identities in our social networks, and securing self-driving cars.
New Context is looking for engineers that want to tackle some the hardest challenges around securing data. If you have a background in:

  • Reverse engineering
  • Network security
  • Developing & scaling secure software platforms
  • Semi autonomous systems
  • TensorFlow
  • Systems automation

Please reach out. We’re building programs around a deep domain knowledge in cooperative agent software, and we’re looking for engineers that want to apply their expertise to build infrastructure that aligns IT with strategic business objectives.

If you appreciate the value of a GRC framework and Lean Security, you’ll likely find the projects at New Context very compelling.

Open Positions

Why we like it here

“At New Context I’m securing the ICS infrastructure of the energy grid, and contributing to the development of Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) sharing standards including STIX and TAXII.”

I’m spending my time coming up with innovative ideas that solve difficult problems rather than having to work around them.

At New Context our customers in government, energy, and global industry depend on us to build data platforms and products that keep the bad actors out and fuel the growth of great organizations. We hope you’ll apply if the work and mission inspire you.

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