Change the Incentive Model, Change the Culture

person-chasing-carrotIt’s imperative that all security conversations start not with technical issues, but instead with an understanding of the context for those issues, and the incentive models and org culture against which they’re (mis)aligned. This is why our Lean Security model is about business transformation rather than being yet another IT or infosec or risk management framework.
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Ben Tomhave is a security architect with New Context, a lean security firm. He holds a Master of Science in Engineering Management from The George Washington University and is a CISSP. He has previously held positions with Gartner, AOL, Wells Fargo, ICSA Labs, LockPath, and Ernst & Young. He is former co-chair of the American Bar Association Information Security Committee, a senior member of ISSA, former board member at large for the Society of Information Risk Analysts, and former board member for the OWASP NoVA chapter. He is a published author and an experienced public speaker, including speaking engagements with the RSA Conference, MISTI, ISSA, Secure360, RVAsec and RMISC, as well as Gartner events.

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