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ChefConf offers two days’ worth of keynotes and technical sessions presented by Chef, its partners, its customers, Chef practitioners, IT executives, and DevOps leaders. There is also a full day of technical workshops on various Chef-related topics. Plus, the Chef training team is offering free Chef certification exams.

Session: Providing Monitoring Result Data to Chef
Justin Dossey, Chief Solutions Architect, New Context
Tuesday, MAY 23 • 3:00PM – 3:40PM

About the Speaker:

Justin Dossey
Chief Solutions Architect, New Context
Justin designs and builds a wide variety of data processing networks, most of which use Chef. Since speaking on private Supermarkets at ChefConf 2015, he has spent a bunch of time automating provisioning, compliance, and remediation. Find him in #chef on IRC, or ask him about his favorite topic, distributed systems.