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Pre-Conference Workshop

Speaker: Ben Tomhave – New Context

Essential DevOps and DevSecOps

This course is divided into 2 halves (you must attend both).

“Essential DevOps” is a half day interactive workshop that provides a detailed overview of DevOps concepts, principles and emerging practices that are delivering real business value in real organizations. The session will also look at how DevOps leverages existing frameworks such as Agile, Lean and ITSM to increase the flow of the delivery pipeline.

“Shifting Left: An Introduction to Security and DevOps” is a half-day workshop providing an introduction to DevSecOps including how security teams are engaging in DevOps transformations by: a) Ensuring that security is built into the deployment pipeline architecture; b) Creating “rugged” software that adds security to the software development process to improve testing and code quality; and, c) Improving security operations by leveraging orchestration, automation and DevOps practices.


About the Speaker:

Ben Tomhave, MS, CISSP, is a Security Architect with New Context, a Lean Security company that automates the orchestration, governance, and protection of critical infrastructure and the industrial internet. He’s previously held positions with Gartner, AOL, Wells Fargo, ICSA Labs, LockPath, and Ernst & Young.