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Create Sustainable Tools and Processes For the Automation of Infrastructure Services

  • Bake security into the entire software development process from the beginning

  • Increase the software delivery speed to customers

  • Lower your operations cost and reduce your risk to a data breach

  • Achieve compliance or regulatory compliance in a faster, easier and less expensive way

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Automation & Orchestration

Building optimized CI/CD pipelines with security integrated at all levels, from the IDE to base images to application security testing.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration

Experts in STIX and TAXII, we automate and optimize integration of cyber threat intelligence data into key systems.

Assessment & Audit Preparedness

Proactively address audit and compliance concerns by leveraging our Lean Security methodology to achieve optimal DevOps maturity.

Data Governance

Managing the lifecycle and flow of your organization’s data, including access, storage, and transmission, using automated policy enforcement.