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Lean Security™ Assessment Service brings Agile, Lean, Security and DevOps together into one practice.

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We help you build sustainable and secure coding practices.


Lean Security is designed to measure your teams abilities to automate and secure the deployment of infrastructure and software. To perform the assessment we rely upon direct staff interviews, architecture and documentation reviews and pair programming with your engineers. All of the collected data will be entered into the LS/IQ platform to enable stakeholders to visually understand the maturity of the team and review the roadmap for the team to improve.

Our methodology is the combination of several disciplines to ensure a holistic view of an organization’s online software and infrastructure. This holistic view strengthens the company’s IT architecture. This service brings Agile, Lean, Security and DevOps together into one practice. This is accomplished through implementation of four core principles to each practice.

Four Core Principles of Lean Security™

  • Awareness

  • Measurement

  • Simplification

  • Automation

Lean Security Manifesto
Each of the four core principles is equally applicable to the use of Agile development methodologies, adherence to DevOps principles, and successful implementation and understanding of security or compliance. Successful implementation of the outlined principles and components has been shown to effectively reduce risk. These components are the primary basis around DevOps and Lean Security services and have been shown to build stronger and more secure businesses, deliver product to market faster, and efficiently scale products.