Lean Security Intelligence Platform (LS/IQ)

Enable Your Organization to Deliver Highly Scalable Applications in a Fast, Secure and Optimized Method.

What is Lean Security Intelligence Platform (LS/IQ)?

LS/IQ is a unique Saas based technology that allows an organization to assess themselves according to the Lean Security methodology. It articulates the business value of Lean Security to business owners by providing a rating mechanism and clear roadmap to reach strategic business goals.

Users of LS/IQ are working to address business challenges within their enterprise. They are working to solve problems such as poor code quality, a dysfunctional culture, slow time to market, and increased risk or high operating costs.

There are many frameworks and regulations that tell organization’s specific things to do, but they don’t succeed in transforming the business itself because it targets the wrong audience and doesn’t tell the business how to operate better.

Users of LS/IQ value innovation. They value speed to market. They understand that typical buying of shiny objects hasn’t really done much to address security. They want to change the culture of their company.

Metrics and C Level Strategy

We understand that security and compliance are now board-level topics. Knowing your organization’s risk level helps to enable the business. LS/IQ along with our Lean Security Assessment methodology begins with understanding the company’s mission, vision and strategic goals.

Many times we find that our customer management is unaware of the organization’s risk posture. At lower levels within your reporting structure, we often discover that teams have misaligned priorities and incentives. The conflicting priorities and lack of company visibility present difficult challenges to a company’s management.

As part of the assessment process and use of our LS/IQ product, your organization’s management will overall scope of time and effort based objectives. LS/IQ clearly indicates your baseline score across numerous metrics and how focusing on specific strategic initiatives will increase your organization’s score.

  • The scoring system allows for management to focus on key areas to strengthen that can be measured and affect their KPIs.
  • LS/IQ provides clear C level content, allowing management to steer the company in a strategic way.
  • New Context provides lasting value within the assessment and beyond that includes professional management consulting and custom security automation development.

Development, Operations and Security Management

Whether you call yourself a DevSecOps, development or compliance manager, New Context understands that steering your ship is a challenge. Often organizations throw money at trying to solve their risk mitigation, security and compliance efforts. This often results in competing solutions adding a greater level of complexity without a cohesive operational plan. The results of your hard work are unmeasurable with no lasting value.

In our 4 to 6 week Lean Security assessment we establish a baseline of where your organization is with regard to the overall vision. We then follow that up with quarterly assessments to help keep your organization efficient along the way to reaching the goals of your original vision.

LS/IQ and our Lean Security assessment puts a focus on your world to provide you with a plan to establish lasting value within your organization. Some areas that are covered within LS/IQ include the following:

  • Software development practices that includes test driven development (TDD), code quality, code monitoring, use of feature flags.
  • Software development environment and tools. The use of different source code revision systems and development methodology such as trunk-based vs feature based.
  • DevSecOps tools, processes and methodologies such as continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD). The use of automation to create more secure, resilient and compliant systems that also have the potential to save your organization money.
  • How your organization uses Agile development methodology effectively. Our assessors will join your standups and observe staff. We also look at your metrics, use of feedback loops and how long it takes to move product from idea to customer.
  • Are you using Lean concepts to your advantage? We will help you find areas to increase efficiency and reduce waste. Our methodology also reviews your discoverability of information.

Measurement, Analytics and Reporting

  • Master assessment scores designed to gauge the maturity levels of the customer’s overall security and compliance readiness in accordance with Lean Security practices and principles.
  • Receive instant access to their organization’s analysis as distilled into key performance indicators. Changes in these indicators can then be monitored over time.
  • Inclusive of 30 additional assessment scores measuring aspects of an organization’s environment, including use of Agile, DevSecOps and Lean

Roadmap, Direction, Goal Setting

  • By making use of the reporting and analysis within LS/IQ, the customers receive a detailed roadmap of strategic initiatives to mature the organization.
  • The roadmap and goals give product and engineering departments a roadmap to reach Client strategic goals.
  • Delivers tangible actions and milestones for input into project planning and story development.
  • Tracks progress and shows improvement based on organizations delivery of the outlined roadmap.


Free Quarterly Assessments
LS/IQ supports and displays Lean Security Assessment criteria and the additional quarterly check-ins. Keeping you on the right track towards innovation involves an initial baseline assessment by our trained consultants. Once you’re up and running we come by once a quarter to check on things, answer any questions, and help hone your development process.

Deliver Features Faster
LS/IQ helps companies maintain code velocity while staying secure and minimizing costs. All of us strive to be as efficient as we can. We want to produce high quality, well tested features that go into production on a daily basis. LS/IQ helps your organization be more efficient by providing everyone in your organization with a shared roadmap towards a single strategy.

Lean Security Transparency
LS/IQ helps communicate the value of Lean Security to management by providing senior staff with their own high level dashboard of essential metrics giving them critical insights that communicate value and help them set direction where direction is needed.

Comprehensive Content Management
LS/IQ supports and enhances your Lean Security strategy by providing you with a central repository for all your Epics, Stories, and Tasks. Combined with our powerful scoring system LS/IQ gives you an easy way to evaluate, prioritize, and know the impact of the features you plan to implement.

Measurable Progress
Backing up a strong shared development roadmap is an equally strong set of metrics that allows all users to see how the effects of their individual goals contribute to the overall organizational strategy. Our multi point scaled system allows granular analysis of your goals towards maturity of DevOps, Compliance, Agile Automation and other factors giving your quantitative scoring throughout your development process.