What is LS/IQ?

LS/IQ is a unique Saas based technology that allows an organization to assess themselves according to the Lean Security methodology. It articulates the business value of Lean Security to business owners by providing a rating mechanism and clear roadmap to reach business strategic goals.

Users of LS/IQ are working to address business challenges within their enterprise. They are working to solve problems such as poor code quality, a dysfunctional culture, slow time to market, increased risk or high operating costs.

There are many frameworks and regulations that tell organization’s specific things to do, but they don’t succeed in transforming the business itself because it targets the wrong audience and doesn’t tell the business how to operate better.

Users of LS/IQ value innovation. They value speed to market. They understand that typical buying of shiny objects hasn’t really done much to address security. They want to change culture of their company.


  • LS/IQ helps companies to maintain velocity of code while keeping security and not wasting money
  • Articulate business value of Lean Security to business owners
  • Give product and engineering clear roadmap to reach strategic goals
  • Measurement, analytics and reporting for executive visibility and achievable goals
  • Build roadmap to success

Platform Features Overview

  • Provides Progress of Lean Security assessment
  • Ratings according to Lean Security model
  • Roadmap and clear action items
  • Visibility

  • Measurement